Our law office provides legal services in the areas of private and public law, focusing primarily on:

Commercial law:

  • company law (the establishment, amendment and cancellation of commercial companies and cooperatives, management of the general meeting etc.)
  • obligation law (business contracts, legal analyses etc.)
  • insolvency law (representation in insolvency proceedings)
  • industrial law (trade marks etc.)
  • bill and check law
  • debt recovery and administration
  • representation before the courts of all kinds
  • arbitration
  • legal due diligence for foreign and Czech investors

Civil law:

  • obligation law (civil contracts, legal analyses etc.)
  • property law (the assignment, lease and pledge of property)
  • copyright
  • compensation of damages
  • inheritance law
  • family law (divorces, maintenance etc.)
  • representation before the courts of all kinds
  • debt recovery

Labour law:

  • drafts and revision of the labour contracts
  • constitution, amendment and termination of the labour relations
  • lodging claims relating to labour relations (incl. compensation of damages)
  • representation before the courts of all kinds

Criminal law:

  • defence in criminal proceedings (representation before the police and before the courts)
  • representation of injured parties in criminal proceedings
  • legal analyses

Administrative law:

  • trade law
  • building law
  • offence law
  • representation before administrative bodies
  • representation before administrative courts

Constitutional law:

  • constitutional complaints
  • representation before the Constitutional Court


Our law office charges a contractual remuneration amounting to between 1,500 CZK / hour and 3,000 CZK / hour + VAT depending on the complexity of the given case for the provision of legal services, in accordance with the provisions of § 3 and onwards of Ministry of Justice Decree no. 177/1996 Sb. in its valid wording. A lump-sum fee may also be agreed in individual cases. Foreign entities are charged in EUR. Expenses are charged separately.